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Factory Superbike Insights: REV’IT! Strengthens Its Legacy with the Acquisition of Italy’s Vircos Leathers

In the constantly evolving world of motorcycle gear and competition, strategic collaborations can redefine the standards of excellence. That’s exactly what we observed as REV’IT! recently announced its acquisition of the bespoke Italian brand, Vircos.

A Legacy Entwined with Precision

For over 30 years, Vircos has maintained its stronghold in Italy, crafting custom-tailored leather road racing suits that echo quality and refinement. Their journey with REV’IT! Sport International began in 2007, and the foundation of this association was always their shared love for the thrill of motorcycle racing.

A New Chapter Begins

This deep-rooted relationship has now matured into a full-fledged union. REV’IT!, known for its continuous innovation in the adventure segment, is enhancing its portfolio by absorbing the rich expertise that Vircos brings to the table. This acquisition positions REV’IT! firmly on the path to carve out a dominant niche in the motorsport industry.

Aldo De Agnoi, the luminary behind Vircos, expressed, “When business values resonate, it shapes a robust vision for growth. Seeing REV’IT! as an ideal counterpart, we’ve forged this merger, confident in the prosperous journey ahead.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Ivan Vos, REV’IT!’s Managing Director, stated, “Our alliance with Vircos has always been marked by trust. This unification not only safeguards the future vision for both brands but also creates an ecosystem where both can flourish, taking leaps into newer realms.”

What This Means for the Industry

The acquisition ensures that REV’IT! will benefit immensely from the decades of nuanced expertise Vircos holds. It’s a move that promises advancements in both design and crafting of tailored, professional road-racing suits. Moreover, it paves the way for further personalization, tapping into an evident trend in the sports market.

Together, as they move forward, REV’IT! and Vircos are poised to bring forth products that will set new industry benchmarks. Ensuring enhanced performance and superior protection for riders, they aim to uplift the spirit of motorcycle racing on global platforms.

Diving Deeper

About REV’IT! Sport International: Stationed in Oss, Netherlands, with a strong presence in Denver, Colorado, REV’IT! has been a game-changer in motorcycle apparel for over 25 years. Steering innovations in design and performance, they are committed to uplifting the global motorcycle community. Find more on their journey at

About Vircos: Established in 1982, Vircos ventured into road racing in the early 90s, witnessing consistent growth. Their core focus lies in designing, developing, and producing custom leather protective apparel for both seasoned professionals and passionate amateurs. With a commendable standing in the MotoGP paddock, Vircos has been a front-runner in primary European racing events. Dive into their world at

We at Factory Superbike always stay attuned to such pivotal moments in the motorcycle community, and will continue to bring you insights and updates on the industry’s transformative milestones.





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