H2O Performance Racing Radiators - Galetto Radiators

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H2O Performance Racing Radiators – Galetto Radiators

Explore the advanced world of H2O Performance Racing Radiators, also known as Galetto Radiators. Engineered for the extreme demands of racing, these radiators ensure superior cooling, enhanced strength, and tailored designs to keep your racing engine at peak performance.

H2O Performance Racing Radiators, renowned as Galetto Radiators, represent a pinnacle of cooling technology in the racing world. These radiators are designed to address the critical issue of heat management in high-performance engines. As engines generate more horsepower, they produce more heat, leading to potential power loss and risk of damage. Specifically, engines can lose 6-7 HP at around 118°C (244.4°F), making effective cooling essential for both performance and longevity​​.

H2O Performance Racing Radiators - Galetto Radiators

The key to these radiators’ effectiveness lies in their innovative design. Unlike standard radiators which prioritize cost over efficiency, Galetto Radiators focus on maximizing tube surface area for primary cooling, coupled with fewer fins. This design ensures better cooling efficiency, particularly vital in racing conditions laden with dirt, rubber, and debris. Additionally, the higher fin count in standard radiators often causes air flow restriction, an issue adeptly addressed by Galetto’s design​​.

Galetto Radiators also stand out due to their construction. Their aluminum racing radiators are known for their strength and light weight, with tanks welded to the tubes instead of being brazed or sealed with epoxy. This enhances their durability, especially under the rigorous demands of racing​​.

Moreover, Galetto offers custom-made radiator solutions, catering to specific racing needs and preferences​​. Their Racing EVO model, a unique patent of Galletto Radiatori, is specifically designed for serious riders, offering unparalleled performance with its increased size​​.

The brand boasts notable collaborations with teams like KTM, Team Go&Fun Honda Gresini, SquadraCorse, Gully Racing, and CF Promotion, underscoring its prominence and reliability in the racing sector​​​​.


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