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 Rev’it Avertum Tech-Air Airbag – Product Review – Factory Superbike.
Is it better than we thought?

Riding motorcycles, for many of us, is a passion that courses through our veins. But while the thrill of the ride remains unparalleled, safety should never take a back seat. Today, I’m thrilled to share my experience with a game-changing product that has left me both impressed and confident in its ability to protect riders.

The Rev’it Avertum Tech-Air® Airbag Vest exemplifies a perfect union of design, performance, and innovation. Every stitch, every sensor, every design choice is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail poured into its creation.

Design & Aesthetics

From the first glance, you’re greeted with premium aesthetics that ooze class. Yet, it doesn’t scream for attention. The collarless design and hidden trigger tab are sleek additions, allowing it to slip seamlessly beneath your riding jacket. Crafted from durable ripstop fabric and enhanced with breathable mesh, the Avertum Tech-Air® doesn’t just look the part; it feels it too.


This airbag vest carries with it a legacy – two decades of research and testing in the adrenaline-packed arena of MotoGP. Every second spent on those tracks, every ounce of critical data collected, has played a role in perfecting the Avertum Tech-Air®. As someone who has immense respect for the extremes of MotoGP, knowing the history behind this vest gives me an extra layer of confidence.

The vest’s autonomous airbag system is the heart of its performance. In the event of a collision, it activates with lightning speed, offering protection equivalent to 18 CE-level 1 back protectors. To put it in perspective, it reduces the impact force by an astounding 93% compared to traditional protectors.


Three accelerometers, three gyroscopes, and a battery of advanced sensors are woven into the very fabric of the vest. And yet, despite this cutting-edge tech, it remains discreet and non-intrusive. It’s like having a guardian angel riding with you; always watching, always ready, but never in the way.

Collaboration for Safety

REV’IT! and Alpinestars might approach the riding community differently, but their shared vision for rider safety is evident in this vest. The Avertum Tech-Air® airbag vest symbolizes a collaborative triumph, offering riders the freedom to ride across a spectrum of terrains and scenarios.

Revit avertum tech air by factory superbike

Revit avertum tech air by factory superbike

Description and Benefits:

Putting on the Avertum Tech-Air® Airbag Vest feels as simple as slipping into old footsie pajamas. Yet, beneath its unassuming exterior lies a technological marvel. Here are some of the standout benefits:

  • Unmatched Safety: Pioneering airbag technology assures unparalleled protection every time you hit the road.
  • Style and Comfort: With its ergonomic design, it snugly fits and stylishly blends under your regular riding jacket.
  • Durability: Constructed with ripstop fabric, this vest can endure the rigorous demands of motorcycle adventures.
  • Aesthetics: The vest’s collarless, discreet design, including the cleverly concealed magnetic trigger tab, exudes a sleek appearance.
  • Rapid Response: In those unexpected moments, its autonomous airbag system instantly springs to action.
  • Maximum Protection: It feels like being shielded by multiple back protectors, dramatically slashing the impact force.

Whether you’re racing down highways or navigating city streets, this vest embodies unparalleled safety. And remember, while leather might protect against road rash, it’s high-tech gear like this that safeguards your bones.

Engineering and Construction:

Technical Excellence Meets Sleek Design – The vest boasts of a symphony of three accelerometers and three gyroscopes, ensuring optimal performance in a subtle package. Its design intent? To quietly blend beneath your jacket, a silent guardian.

Advanced Construction for Unmatched Comfort – The durable ripstop fabric combined with breathable mesh elements affirms its premium feel. Wide stretch strips around the sleeves enhance its snug fit, ensuring maximum comfort during those long rides. Its design finesse is evident in the seamless integration of all electronic elements, ensuring the aesthetics remain untouched.

Unrivaled Protection – Imagine a collision. Before you can react, the Tech-Air® airbag system does, cushioning you from the impact with protection akin to 18 CE-level 1 back protectors. The vest reduces the impact force by a staggering 93% when juxtaposed with traditional CE-certified protectors.

At Factory Superbike, our paramount concern is your safety on the road. With the Avertum Tech-Air® Airbag Vest, we’re offering an elevated riding experience, harmonizing style with unparalleled protection.

Eager to gear up? Explore our entire line-up of safety apparel at When you choose Factory Superbike, you’re choosing the zenith of motorcycle safety.

Ride hard, ride safe, and let Avertum Tech-Air® be the shield on your back.

Bo Scott
President, Factory SuperBike.
© Factory Superbike 2023

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