Shark Race-R Pro Martinator Signature Helmet – GP Spoiler Blue/Chrome/Orange

Introducing the Shark Race-R Pro Martinator Signature Helmet in vibrant Blue, Chrome, and Orange. Melding performance with signature style, this limited edition piece is a collector’s dream..
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The Shark Race-R Pro GP “Martinator” Signature Helmet is unique.

Step into the realm of elite racing helmets with the Shark Race-R Pro Martinator Signature GP Spoiler. Crafted exclusively for those with a passion for the racetrack, this helmet in Blue/Chrome/Orange is a true testament to Shark’s dedication to safety and style. Notably, this edition beams with the unique Martinator Signature, a mark of excellence and distinctiveness.

Structure and Safety:

  1. Superior Protection: Crafted with a passion for safety, its shell is made of carbon and aramid fiber composite, ensuring a blend of lightweight comfort and steadfast protection.
  2. Personalized Fit: Two shell sizes are available, ensuring that every rider finds their ideal morphological fit, maintaining a balance between safety and comfort.
  3. Impact-Absorbing Excellence: Equipped with the multi-density EPS J6 technology, it’s meticulously designed to efficiently absorb and dissipate impacts.


  1. Crystal Clear Vision: With its Optical Class 1-rated visor, riders get an undistorted vision across variable thicknesses. Further treated for anti-scratch and anti-fog, ensuring clarity in diverse conditions.
  2. User-Adaptive Design: Boasts an ergonomic grip and a quick-release system for swift visor adjustments, even while riding.

Interior Comfort:

  1. Premium Feel: Lined with bamboo-treated fabric, it guarantees a soft touch, ensuring unrivaled comfort on every ride.
  2. Maintenance Ease: The interior is removable and machine-washable up to 30°C, promising prolonged freshness.
  3. Rider-Focused Features: “EasyFit” system optimally caters to glasses wearers. Moreover, it houses a slot dedicated for Sharktooth® intercom, ensuring connectivity on the go.

Aerodynamics and Ventilation:

  1. Streamlined Excellence: Features a rear aerodynamic spoiler, enhancing stability, particularly at high speeds.
  2. Optimal Airflow: Engineered with 5 air inlets and 7 air extractors, it ensures an ideal balance between ventilation and aerodynamic efficiency.
  3. CFD Precision: The aerodynamics are fine-tuned through advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies, ensuring an edge in performance on every track.


The helmet is nestled within a luxurious “SHARK Racing Division” box, complemented by a protective cover, embodying Shark’s commitment to quality and style.

Note: Limited edition “Martinator” Signature design, ensuring exclusivity and making it a collector’s gem.

© 2023 Bo Scott