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Full Spectrum Batteries

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Coremoto wheels

Proudly made in the USA. Core Moto Apex-6 Ultralight Superbike Forged Aluminum Wheels.

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Shark Helmets

Shark – They are known for their safety, comfort and innovative designs, Shark helmets are designed to exceed all current safety standards

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Arai Helmets

Rearsets, Mirrors, Gas Caps, Tail Tidy, Turn Signals, Grips, Levers, and more…

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DNA Air Filters

Rearsets, Mirrors, Gas Caps, Tail Tidy, Turn Signals, Grips, Levers, and more…

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JB Power Magtan wheels

Rearsets, Mirrors, Gas Caps, Tail Tidy, Turn Signals, Grips, Levers, and more…

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Ben Johnson

I needed to order a new set of tires for my motorcycle, and I didn't know what to get. I called Factory Superbike, Bo picked up the call and he was super knowledgeable, I found out that everyone at Factory Superbike has raced either professionally or at least at a competitive level. They even offered to price match a competitor's offer and obviously knew much more about things than the rest of companies out there.

Ava Williams

I wanted a new exhaust system for my motorcycle, and there are so many choices, they recommended 3 options and told me the differences in power I would get from each brand. Who does that? I called Factory Superbike to ask for recommendations. They were so helpful and knowledgeable, and they answered all of my questions. They also helped me pick out the perfect exhaust system for my bike. Thanks Jay for the help!

Eric Dorn

I was having trouble with losing Horsepower, my friend Bo was killing me in the straits and when I emailed in they gave me the secret sauce to go faster. I've been showing Bo a wheel now. Love it!

Elizabeth Jones

I could not figure out how to search for the cool aftermarket levers, I didn't want to get some cheap fake ones and I got tired of looking so I just called Factory Superbike on a whim and Bo helped me get the good stuff. He was happy to help me make a selection. He even showed me some of the different options over chat so I could see things live.

Clara Miller

I was looking for a new helmet, and I wanted to make sure I got the right one. I called Factory Superbike, and they helped me pick out an amazing Shark helmet. They were so patient and helpful, and they really took the time to understand what I was looking for.


All About Moto

Factory SuperBike and Stringer Race Station have joined forces to introduce the Stringer Stacks, variable velocity stacks the next big thing in sport bike performance technology. Get ready to revolutionize your riding experience with Stringer Race Station’s Variable Velocity Stacks – the go-to solution for all your power woes.

Sport bike riders know that there’s nothing worse than getting left behind on the race track or losing precious seconds on the open road. With Stringer Race Station’s Variable Velocity Stacks, you can unleash the full potential of your bike and blow away the competition.

We’ve put our stacks to the test for over 2 years with the world’s top racers, including the legendary Sylvain Guintoli, a Multi FIM World Superbike Champion with Yoshimura SERT Motul. The results speak for themselves: massive power gains and better throttle response across the entire RPM range.

Our stacks outperform all other aftermarket products, including full race homologated exhaust systems. Plus, they cost less than even the most affordable stainless steel system. It’s a win-win for any rider looking to dominate the competition and enhance their overall riding experience.

Don’t settle for less than the best. Upgrade to Stringer Race Station’s Variable Velocity Stacks and join the ranks of elite riders who demand the most from their machines. Order now and start experiencing the power and performance you deserve!

Stringer Stacks ZX10R 2016+ Dyno

StringerStacks Variable Length Velocity Stacks are printed using 3D printer technology using a carbon fuel resistant filament and they are delivered as a complete replacement stack kit coupled with an electronic motor and CPU to lift the upper stacks at a set RPM. This approach allows us to create variable stacks like Yamaha, BMW, Ducati do from the showroom and allows us to create velocity stacks that increase power and throttle response at mid and high rpm, not only giving proven gains on the dyno chart below, but this doesn’t tell the whole story, in real-world use – where unlike on a dyno – the ram air into the airbox is properly fed, thus getting horsepower and torque gains and throttle response that cannot otherwise be achieved with bike modifications at this price point.

StringerStacks Variable Length Velocity Stacks are a DIY plug and play installation, Stringer Stacks come complete and ready to install, if you have retained your smog/AIS/PAIR valve system then you should select the airbox installation kit, this comprises a grey rubber bung and a hole cutter to feed the electronics from the CPU to the stacks, customers who have removed the smog/AIS/PAIR system can run the cables through that bunghole.

Stringer Stacks Grey Grommet for power cable


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Factory SuperBike is presenting to you, the Limited edition "V4der" helmet.

This helmet is exclusive to North America, there are only 90- made and we have them all in stock. All of them.

There are few things in life that you want to keep on your shoulders, one is your head. Ride with a shark.

10 1

Facts are Facts, Hi Vis is back like the 80s`s!!!!!!! Core Moto Dropped a Bomb on `em. Also Moto America Legal apex 6`s!

It`s been a long time since we`ve held some Core Moto`s in our hands! Who`s going to get them 1st?

#coremoto #superbike #factorysuperbike #marvicwheel #motorcycle #zx10 #bmws1000rr #R1 #gsxr1000 #cbr1000

41 2

We did it again. @jayson36uribe C`mon man! Who does it better? Get your shark 🦈 helmet ⛑️ at Factory SuperBike 🏭 🏍

If you follow one of our sponsored racers you`ll have a discount code!

Shark helmets. Next level and we Have the largest inventory in North America

14 2

FINALLY. Products are migrating a little at a time.

Just a sample.

27 1

Stand tall today, it`s Monday!
#Monday #mondays #velocitystacks #performance #motorcycle #r1 #wer1 #valleyyellow46 #yamahar1

59 2

It`s been a long weekend, We have the New Mega Menu Up and still loading.
If you follow any of our sponsored racers, use the discount code to save.

Filters are back up!

#dnafilters #s1000rr #gsxr #gsxr1000 #zx10r
MyDude DudeMungus

30 5

Attention! Our site,, is currently updating live.

While direct purchases are temporarily paused, you can easily order any listed item by:

📧 Emailing us at:
📱 Or texting us at: (503) 832-7336
Contact us now, and we`ll handle your order as if you`re shopping in-store! 🛍️

27 0

When you need that hotness, @shreddoghydrographics to take
What`s impossible and make it possible. Lay over on carbon tank cover,
If you have body work, you know where we get ours done.

#gsxr1000 #BMWM1000RR #FactorySuperBike

@dude_mungus @_reaper1k_

20 1

"Exciting news! Factory Superbike is now the official US premier dealer for Rotobox wheels. Dive into a world of wheel mastery at Crafted by experts, designed for enthusiasts. #customized #personalized #carbonfiber #carbonwheels #rotobox #freeyourride #S1000RR #gsxr1000 #zx10r #tiktok #FactorySuperBike #rollracers #rollrace ...

66 11

Factory Superbike is leveling up for 2024!

We`re looking back on a great year of riding with some amazing people, from novices to professionals. We`re also working tirelessly to update our website and capabilities so we can bring you even more exclusive items and rare gear from the factory race teams.

We`re never slowing down! 2024 is shaping up to be our biggest year yet, with new updates, edits, videos, and professional advice. Stay tuned for more!

#FactorySuperBike #sharkhelmets #MotorcycleLife #bikelife #motorcycle #BMWM1000RR #GSXR1000 #r6 #r1 #rollracing #ommra #afm #yamaha

24 3

@bobbydavies707 A Factory Superbike sponsored racer. STK1000 MoTo America.

Head down, gettin` it!

#FactorySuperBike #arataracingworks #FullThrottle #r1 #yamahar1

26 1

We keep Bringing you that exclusive high end trick stuff that gets the job done and in style.

#bmws1000rr #factorysuperbike #arataracingworks #gsxr1000 #sharkhelmet #rollracing #motoamerica #r7 #r6 #yamahar7 #yamahar6 #gsxr #yamahar3 #mithosleathers

73 5

Let`s let the record reflect. Who do you work with? Here are a few customer and race teams we work with. This ones for they. DJ Khalid said. Stay away from they!

We love what we do.

Factory Superbike is coming for you, too.

#FactorySuperbike #ArataRacingWorks #sharkhelmet #wearefaster #bmws1000rr #gsxr #gsxr1000 #gsxr600 #gsxr750 #zx6 #zx636 #zx10 #zx10r #v4r #aprilia #ducati #cbr1000rr

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