Michelin Pilot Road 4 Gt Front 120/70 x 18


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  • Feel more secure, whatever the conditions
  • Enhanced stability for GT bikes
  • Experience superb handing and stability even with two-up riding thanks to MICHELIN 2AT Technology, which combines elements of radial and bias construction.
  • Last 20% longer
  • Thanks to MICHELIN 2CT technology with new tread compounds and a redesigned tread pattern, MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tires last on average 20% longer than MICHELIN Pilot Road 3 tires.
  • These tires feature chamfered sipe edges that help prevent abnormal wear in extreme conditions and under heavy braking.
  • Extraordinary Grip
  • MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 GT tires offer excellent grip even in cold, wet and difficult conditions and on all types of road surfaces, including slippery surfaces.
  • Approved as Original Equipment for the BMW R1200 RT
  • Chosen by BMW as Original Equipment for their R1200 RT model since 2014.