ROTOBOX BOOST Rear Convex Rear Ducati Panigale 1199, 1299, V4

We have the Custom HUB, Valve, and Rim options. Please contact us for the custom colors.


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DUCATI 1198,1098,1199,1299,v4 panigale,panigale, monstor, 939 supersport

Rotobox BOOST Convex Rear Wheel

The new and improved model BOOST carbon fiber wheel from Rotobox, decreasing the weight from the RBX2 with improved design and higher performance! Comes in gloss and matte finish, in both symmetric and convex designs.

Like the RBX2, the BOOST is produced using Rotobox’s unique 3-component composite – combining carbon, epoxy and stainless steel. By integrating the stainless 2,5 mm steel wire in each side of the rim, we increase its impact resistance at the most critical outer part. JWL and DOT approved, having met JASO T203-85 safety standards.

Another hidden BOOST gem – the Structural Rib. Thanks to the High Pressure Core Technology the structural rib is placed in the inner side between the spokes, with its mission to support the stress hot spot of the wheel. As a result the BOOST elegant spoke design brings greater stiffness and although the spokes are thinner the BOOST is stronger than ever – with a permissible static load of 280 kg on the rear and 180kg on the front wheel.

Carbon fiber composite rim, a one-piece hollow carbon cast, reinforced with stainless steel wire and UV protected; 7075 T6 aluminum alloy hubs, spacers and sprocket carrier [only with rear symmetric wheel]. machined from solid and hard anodized; polyurethane cushion drive set; SKF bearings; aluminum valve stem.

Your Rotobox wheel has its own Serial Number to track the production history. We confirm to have performed quality verification procedure of your Rotobox wheel.

17″ x 6.00″

REAR WHEEL WEIGHT 2.93 kg / 6.45 LBS

REAR 280 kg / 617 LBS

100 C / 212 F

4 BAR / 58 PSI

The wheels conform to safety standard JASO T203-85 for JWL dotE Certification. Before riding on public streets, be sure to check your local regulations.
Rotobox Boost Wheel set Weight example:
Stock S1000RR 11.70kg (25.79 lbs)
Rotobox Boost 6.69kg (14.74 lbs)
Weight saving more than 5.00kg of rotating mass. Incredible!

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Make Model Year
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Ducati 1198 2007
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