RK 530 DR PRO 180 NT Drag Racing Chain

Experience unmatched tensile strength with RK 530 DR PRO 180 NT Drag Racing Chain. The ultimate chain for drag racing, enduring heat and extreme load with unbeatable strength of 11,880 lbs. Perfect for 350+hp drag bikes, it’s the trusted choice of championship-winning teams.

RK 530 DR PRO 180 NT - Unmatched Drag Racing Chain

RK 530 DR PRO 180 NT – Unmatched Drag Racing Chain

  • Chain Length: 180 Links
  • Chain Master Link: Rivet Master Link
  • Chain Pitch: 530
  • Chain Type: PRO DR Drag Racing Non-Sealed Heavy-Duty Chain
  • Color: Natural
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Material: Steel
  • Tensile Strength: 11,880 lbs.
  • Weight: 4.92 lbs. per 100 links
  • Heat-Resistant Treatment: Yes
  • Ideal for: Big bore American style drag racing

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Introducing the RK 530 DR PRO 180 NT – the epitome of superior drag racing chains. With a staggering tensile strength of 11,880 lbs, this non-sealed drag chain stands unmatched in delivering resilience and performance. Built to withstand the swift build-up of speed and the consequent heat, the RK 530 DR PRO 180 NT promises minimal heat friction, ensuring the efficient delivery of horsepower throughout your race.

Made in the revered manufacturing hubs of Japan, this chain is a hallmark of impeccable quality and durability. Reinforced with a special heat-resistant treatment, it actively reduces heat friction, ensuring the smooth operation of your drag racing bike. Weighing less than most 530 sealed chains, it promises lightweight efficiency without compromising on strength and performance.

Ideal for big bore American style drag racing, the RK 530 DR PRO 180 NT is fortified with heavy-duty plates and includes a rivet-type chain master link for enhanced durability and seamless integration with your racing bike. Trust your racing performance with the chain that champions choose – the RK 530 DR PRO 180 NT, and experience racing like never before.

Optimize your racing setup with the chain that’s engineered for peak performance. Use the RK 530 DR PRO 180 NT – the chain that assures confidence every time you line up for a race, ensuring your bike is equipped with the very best, ready to take on the intense demands of drag racing.

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