JB-Power Magtan JB4 Type Wheel for KAWASAKI ZX-10R ’11


Front Rear


JB4 was released in 2008, the creation developed in need for MotoGP teams. This wheel Is now available to you. A long-term development process went into play with these wheels. 

These are the same wheels that many teams used. With the demands of MotoGP comes significant changes in design contributing to a much lower rotational mass, unsprung weight, holding tire temperate and not dissipating the heat too quickly or too slow.  

The JB4 is as good is gets. All our research & development, knowledge, and wheel technology since the debut of MAGTAN. 

Although it is the lightest publicly available MAGTAN wheel, with its ideal balance of high rigidity, excellent impact and corrosion resistance, road-following ability, and appropriate elasticity, JB4 proudly positions itself as the ultimate race wheel. 



Ultimate Street Wheel 

JB4 is the accomplishment of repeated R&D without making compromises to create a wheel that will deeply move the owner and bring true satisfaction. A wheel of industry-leading lightness, rigidity, durability, corrosion resistance, and enticing beauty beyond expectations. The ultimate wheel for all bike lovers is here. 


The newly designed seven-spoke JB4 possesses an exquisite rigidity balance, allowing an ideal driving performance. 

JB4’s superior capabilities not only provide significant advantages in races but also play a vital role on public roads:  

  • like a reduced strain on the rider in various situations.  
  • Improved fuel efficiency for street and track,  
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance and reliability due to rust prevention technology,  
  • Sheer pleasure of riding due to reduced input from the rider.  
  • Increased acceleration. 
  • Better braking power 
  • Being able to brake later and longer into an apex and maintain stability 



JB power magtan offers a level of confidence for the rider of all levels. Accelerating, decelerating, and cornering as you wish is a pleasure you can only experience with lightweight wheels 

Make Model Year
Make Model Year
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R 2011