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JB2 wheels are reminiscent of the ’70s and ’80s race scenes, this 5 spoke style Magnesium wheel is beautiful and aggressive, laid out in harmony with your bike and seamlessly complements the bike.  

JB2’s distinct diagonal five-spoke design gives it a vastly different, not too assertive, almost exquisite appearance. 

However, it has the power to leave an impression on everyone who lays eyes on it. 


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Nostalgic Design 

The nostalgic design and high-performance characteristics offered within the JB2 wheel set your bike will feel and look much superior under braking, and cornering.   

This is essential for any rider who expects their motorcycle to always perform well.

For the rider, this translates to: 


  • Notably improved handling 
  • Greater performance in all dynamic measures  
  • The motorcycle can change direction faster 
  • The motorcycle will have greater speed on exiting turns 
  • The motorcycle can brake later 
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