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World Wide Ceramic Hybrid Bearings.

Hybrid Ceramic bearings commonly referred to as just “Ceramic” supplied by World Wide Bearings Claim.
40% less frictionAA06
60% less rotational mass
Lower vibration levels and cooler running temperature.


USA INC went out of business in October 2015, Core Moto USA took over
in 2016.
However due to the lack of historical technical data provided to us
related to wheel
dimensional changes before 2016, Core Moto USA Can not offer bearings
based on make / model and year for pre 2016 wheels. Carrozzeria USA INC made many different
model versions of each wheel, all with dimensional differences that
drive the dimensions of the components used. Please read below on how
to determine what bearings you will need for your older wheels. Returns
are not
accepted on this item.

Wheels produced in 2016 are supported, but may require contact with customer support.
Wheels produced after 2017 typically came with full diagrams showing and part numbering all replacement parts.

There are 2 ways to determine what bearings are needed for your wheels.

Option 1: Read the numbers on the seals of your current bearings. Typically these numbers are 4 digits and start with the number 6. Example:6006
Bearing may have other letters following the 4 digit number such as 2RS
or RSR. No matter what letters follow the 4 digit number, our bearings
will be a direct replacement so long as the 4 digit number is the same.

Option 2: Pull the bearings and provide measurements of the OD, ID and Thickness in MM.
6006 = OD 55mm – ID 30MM – T13
6205 = OD 52MM – ID 25MM – T15
60/28 = OD 52MM – ID 28MM – T12

For all Apex-6 wheel applications produced (Except Aprilia applications)
Bearings required
Rear: 3 units 6006
Front: 2 unit 6205

For Apex-6 applications produced RSV4/Touono
Bearings required
Rear: 3 units 6006
Front: 1 unit 6205 + 1 unit 60/28

Bearing dimensions listed above are rounded to the whole metric number.

Note: World Wide Bearings are sold by Core Moto as an aftermarket bearing option, non OEM equipment on Carrozzeria Wheels.
Worldwide Bearings can be installed in new wheels ordered from Core Moto at the time of wheel order for an additional charge.