Core Moto wheels Oil seals Core Moto and Carrozzeria wheels



Oil seals for Core Moto Forged wheels and Carrozzeria forged wheels.

Core Moto Forged wheels now come with double lip sealed bearings and do not require the use of oil seals to protect bearings from normal riding conditions. However, oil seals are often used to hold spacers captive. Most front wheels made by Core Moto since 2017 use front oil seals with captive spacers when applicable. All rear wheels (excluding single sided) use an oil seal to hold the (center rear wheel) spacer between the sprocket carrier and wheel captive P/N OS40556.

Installation requires that the sweep seal / friction zone is lubricated with proper grease.

These seals can be used in other wheels so long as properly sized.

Most Core Moto or Carrozzeria wheels sold since 2017 came with an exploded view diagram of all wheel components for your specific model, this will also detail oil seal PN.

Oil seals are sized by ID-OD-Thickness in mm.
Example of part number: OS32527 = 32mm ID / 55mm OD / 7mm Thick

Available sizes are
P/N: OS40556 – MEASUREMENTS 40-55-6 (**typical for center spacer rear wheel)
P/N: OS40558 – MEASUREMENTS 40-55-8 (** Replaced with OS40556)
P/N: OS40557 – MEASUREMENTS 40-55-7 (** Replaced with OS40556)
P/N: OS36558 – MEASUREMENTS 36-55-8
P/N: OS40527 – MEASUREMENTS 40-52-7
P/N: OS32527 – MEASUREMENTS 32-52-7 (typical front spacer on CMF13517, FW35LM1 and FW35LM2 front wheel)
P/N: OS35476 – MEASUREMENTS 35-47-6

** If your build sheet shows a different part number for the center rear oil seal than what we have listed, it may be because we discontinued use of P/N: 40557 and P/N: 40558 and replaced them with P/N: 40556 for a lower profile and lower friction seal.
If you order one of the discontinued parts, the replacement seal will be sent.

Choose OS40556 to replace OS40557 or OS40558

Sale includes 1 oil seal, choose the proper size.