ARAI HELMETS Corsair-X Helmet – Nicky Reset – Frost – 2XL 0101-15900


Corsair-X Helmet – Nicky Reset – Frost – 2XL

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Features intermediate oval shape which fits the majority of head shapes in the North American markets, Internal Air Channel Improved ventilation with an enhanced air extraction system, pulling hot/moist air from the eye port area through ducted channels behind the cheek pads that exhaust out the side cowl vents, keeping the rider cool and helping to reduce fogging, PB-SNC2 Shell Z Resin developed and blended in-house, bonds the many layers and materials of the shell more securely using less resin, improving shell strength as well as reducing weight, Super Fiber and special synthetic reinforcing fibers allows for a stronger, yet lighter shell with excellent Glancing Off properties, The addition of the internal Structural net and Peripheral Belt further strengthens the shell with minimal increase to weight or thickness, Shield Latch The Variable Axis System (VAS) latch captures and securely holds the shield closed to help resist unexpected opening, VAS Shield Mechanism By combining the pin trajectory with the two trajectories of the double pivot point slot, the shield opens and closes smoothly even with the much lower shield mount position, Dual-function lever releases both the side cover/pod and shield pin for quick and simple shield removal, Larger latch allows for intuitive and seamless shield operation, even with heavy gloves, Shield has a positive stop to resist unintentional opening, even in the de-mist position, but with a slight pull on the lift tab to clear this stop the shield simply lifts with ease, IC Duct5 Uses a three-position slide gate to improve sealing for reduced noise and water intrusion, Vents are lightly mounted to remain frangible and easily come off in an impact so as not to snag on obstacles or cause excess rotational force, 2023 Arai Brochure