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Factory Superbike is ran and controlled by people who have raced, still race, are avid riders, advanced technical skills and a being apart of winning teams. We understand what is necessary for street and race application.

Built upon the idea that the motorcycle industry has been underserviced by people who like motorcycles but don’t actually ride on track and on street. We call these people imaginary builders and riders. They have no ability to help you make good decisions on how you spend your money. At Factory Superbike, not only do we ride, we race. We offer historical advice when you need it. If you are shopping for cheep things, we don’t have it. We offer quality.

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Why We’re

We partner with racers, manufacturers, and motorcycle shops that install the parts to bring you top level quality. From the apparel, performance items and parts. We won’t offer you something we have not reviewed from our partners and our personal experience. We have top level paid riders/racers and companies that have been in the industry for 20+ years building bikes. We bring you the industry’s best. We know there are are lot of options and if you have questions ask us, we will give you our honest feedback and help steer you in the right direction for your motorcycle.


We are a team of industry insiders dedicated to the advancement of our craft.

We are a close-knit team of industry insiders dedicated to advancing the wheel industry. Our backgrounds include the largest and most influential aftermarket wheel brands, and each of us brings a wealth of knowledge in engineering, production, marketing, and sales. We are not willing to be just one more option for wheels, we want to make wheels that are unquestionably the best product on the market.

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