Arata Racing Works Exhaust

Arata Racing Works Exhaust

Arata Racing Works: A New Chapter in the USA


Arata Racing Works, renowned for its high-performance exhaust systems, has relocated to the United States due to recent regulatory changes in Japan. This strategic move allows us to continue delivering top-quality products to our customers without interruption. Our new base of operations in America mirrors the transition seen with companies like Sato Racing, adapting to the evolving industry landscape.

Regulatory Changes in Japan

Japan's stringent noise and emissions regulations have significantly impacted the production of full racing systems for motorcycles. As a result, Arata Racing Works can no longer manufacture its products in Japan or through our previous partner, Striker. These restrictions necessitated our relocation to maintain our commitment to innovation and performance.

New Beginnings in America

Arata Racing Works is now proudly an American company. This transition ensures that we can continue to design, develop, and manufacture our exhaust systems to the highest standards. Our new operations allow us to leverage advanced technologies and maintain our reputation for excellence in the racing industry.

Separation from Arata Performance Designs

With our move to the USA, Arata Racing Works and Arata Performance Designs in Japan have undergone a significant separation. Arata Performance Designs no longer holds the rights to Arata Racing Works, including the design and manufacturing of performance exhausts and racing parts. This ensures that our American operations can focus solely on delivering superior racing parts and racing exhaust systems without any overlap or confusion.

Commitment to Quality and Authenticity

We remain dedicated to providing authentic Arata Racing Works products. Please be vigilant about counterfeit products and report any suspicious items to Our goal is to ensure that every customer receives genuine Arata quality.


Arata Racing Works' move to the USA marks a new era of innovation and dedication to performance. Despite the challenges posed by regulatory changes in Japan, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. We look forward to continuing our legacy of high-performance exhaust systems from our new home in America.

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