• ZX-636 10-22+ Stringer Stacks Variable Length Velocity Stacks


What are stringer stacks?  If you’re a sport bike enthusiast, you may have heard of Stringer Stacks – the latest game-changing technology that’s taking the racing world by storm. While they’re not new for the world of racing, they’re new for bikes that don’t have them, and they’re making big waves. Racers using Stringer Stacks are setting new lap records and personal bests, while drag racers are going faster than ever before. It’s no surprise that everyone is amazed by the results they’re seeing. So, what are Stringer Stacks and how can they take your riding experience to the next level?

You can also see a world champion’s perspective. Here’s Sylvain Guintoli’s VIDEO

Roll Racer comparison review of the stacks at –> Dude Mungus

Looking to maximize your sport bike’s performance and leave the competition in the dust? Look no further than Factory SuperBike and Stringer Race Station’s revolutionary new product: the Stringer Stacks. These variable velocity stacks are the next big thing in sport bike performance technology, and they’re here to change the game.

Sport bike riders know that losing precious seconds on the track or the open road can be frustrating. Stringer Variable Velocity Stacks are helping you drop time, you can unleash your bike’s full potential and take your riding experience to the next level. Don’t settle for less than the best – upgrade, go elite, and arm your bike with Stringer Variable Velocity Stacks and join the ranks of elite riders who demand the most from their machines.

These stacks have been put to the test for over two years with the world’s top racers, including Multi FIM World Superbike Champion Sylvain Guintoli with Yoshimura SERT Motul. The results speak for themselves: massive power gains and better throttle response across the entire RPM range. Outperforming all other aftermarket products, including full race homologated exhaust systems, Stringer Stacks cost less than even the most affordable stainless steel system, making them a win-win for any rider looking to dominate the competition and enhance their overall riding experience.

StringerStacks Variable Length Velocity Stacks are 3D-printed using a carbon fuel-resistant filament and come complete with an electronic motor and CPU to lift the upper stacks at a set RPM. This approach allows for variable stacks that increase power and throttle response at mid and high RPMs, not just on the dyno chart but also in real-world usage. Unlike on a dyno, where ram air into the airbox is not properly fed, Stringer Stacks provide horsepower and torque gains and throttle response that cannot be achieved with other bike modifications at this price point.

Stringer Stacks Variable Length Velocity Stacks are a DIY plug-and-play installation and are intended for high-performance sports bikes. The stacks come complete and ready to install, and if you have retained your smog/AIS/PAIR valve system, you should select the airbox installation kit. This comprises a grey rubber bung and a hole cutter to feed the electronics from the CPU to the stacks. Customers who have removed the smog/AIS/PAIR system can run the cables through that bunghole.

In partnership with Factory SuperBike, Stringer Race Station has spent the last 24 months developing and testing the stacks on the bench through millions of activations and in British Superbike onboard Moto2 bikes for the entire 2021 race season. They are proven to be extremely reliable with zero failures in testing. Furthermore, the CPU is enclosed in a vibration and waterproof housing and can be mounted on the fork leg (for ease of access to the test button) or under the seat or tank. While Stringer Stacks are intended for race use and high-performance sports bikes, they come with a 12-month manufacturing defects warranty to ensure their quality.

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With Stringer Stacks from Factory SuperBike and Stringer Race Station, you can experience the power and performance you deserve!